Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ben-10 Drum Kit - Children's Toy Musical Instrument Play Set



Have an aspiring musician in the house that is in love with Ben 10? Then get ready to be the next rocking star! This unbeatable 3 piece Drum Kit Play Set sure will impress your little heads. Easy to assemble by adults and it sure will provide hours of fun safely. This drums set comes with bass drum with foot pedal, 2 tom tom, cymbal, a stool and drum stick.
This Ben 10 play set is not only created for entertaining but also helps to improve children's hands, eyes and foot coordination skills. Your children will have fun banging on this Ben 10 musical play set for hours and build up their self-confidence while playing. Great for both indoor and outdoor play. 

Retail Price: RM100
3 Days Promotion: RM80 only (without postage)
Available Stock: 3


panggil je saya.... Diamieza said...

ni untuk hero-hero boleh la uji tapi kalau untuk puteri ku sorang tu boleh jugak tapi tak lama la mainan tu kejap je dah rosak....huhuuuh

Fida said...

Alahai...sungguh mak berkenan...
Nak wat kedai mini jamming kat umah...
Jangan riso tunggu dapat bonus disember ni ya!

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